Diary of Ivy Gertrude Heppell, a suffragist imprisoned in Holloway Prison in December 1906.
Small booklet with a yellow cover. Cover states: 'THE NATIONAL MUTUAL. Life Assurance Society/ Founded 1830/ Funds- 2 3/4 Millions/ Engagement Diary 1907'. In handwriting at the top; 'I.G.H. Private'.
Handwritten inside;
'Tuesday Jan 1st: Miss [S]. Allen & Miss H came to see me yesterday afternoon, the last day of the old year, they were at the court when I was tried & got the [?] Wool and needles for me. The knitting needles have been most useful to eat boiled rice with much better than a wooden spoon. It proved to be very convenient that they did not know whether I wanted crochet hook or knitting needles. Miss ..... has a house at Bournemouth which she has let during the winter & is living with Miss ...... in London. They said they would like to know how I got on at school, so I promised to write.
Miss [Hern?] also called to see me yesterday she has returned the hat Miss [Martin?] sent me to wear from Liverpool & to the House of Commons. Very strange that she & her sister should be vegetarians.
Wednesday Jan 2nd: Mrs Martin showed me proofs of a photograph she has had taken in clothes she has had made similar to these grey prison clothes (I shall not be wearing them tomorrow thank goodness) and also one taken in her cap & gown. She is from Cheltenham & said is glad I am from "The West Country" as most of the Imprisoned Suffragettes are from the north. The four who will be released tomorrow Miss Fraser, Mrs Drummond, Mrs Jones (who has been in the infirmary during the whole fortnight of our imprisonment) and I are to be entertained at Anderton's Hotel Fleet St at breakfast tomorrow. I am glad it is to be breakfast and not lunch, as the last prisoners had to welcome them, as I want to be able to be there, & if it had been lunch I could not have waited as I want to be home as soon as possible as I have so little time to be with them, how I wish I had another week's holiday instead of having to be at school on Monday morning.
Mrs Martin also said that Dr Aked's letter to me had been published in the "Daily News" I think it was. I only have a vague idea what was in the letter, it was read to me so hurriedly, I must not forget to ask for my letter at Clements.
Read reigns of Ed. II & Mary in Whites History of E. Book lent me by Mrs Cobain Unwin "[Cobden] October 27 1864". Mrs Martin Hon. Sec of WSPU visited me at Holloway Jail. Am looking forward to being released tomorrow.'

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