Bristol Ella Pedlar Doll (doll)

Pedlar doll, known as 'Bristol Ella'. She wears the traditional clothes of the pedlar and carries, and is surrounded by, the goods of her trade. She has a young woman's face of carved and painted wood and her hands are also of wood. Her dress is floral- printed brown cotton, over which is a white cotton apron and red flannel hooded cloak. On her head is a broad- brimmed, ribboned black hat over a pink- ribboned 'muslin' cap.
At the front of the doll is her basketwork tray containing silks and threads, sewing implements and combs. Pinned to her cloak are similar items, as well as envelopes, playing cards, socks, bells, kitchen utensils, beaded ornaments, bags, purses, and framed pictures amongst many other items. The goods spill from her tray and surround her feet and there, amidst a jumble of other things, are to be found a clock, bonnets, song sheets and corsage trimmings.
The doll is fixed on a velvet- covered wooden base which has the written words on paper, 'Please to buy of Bristol Ella'. The glass dome fits into a slot on the circular base.

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