43605/3/3/1 (Interview with Princess Campbell)

School children from St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary School, Easton interview Princess Campbell. Topics discussed in this interview include: Food. Black community in Easton. Churchgoing. Living in St Pauls. Crime in St Pauls and Easton. Homelessness. Poor housing and unemployment disproportionately affecting black community. Experience of racism when looking for housing. Living in a single room for a whole family. Difficulty in finding decent work as a black person. Lack of social spaces. Radiograms for entertainment and socialising. Founding a housing association for affordable homes in St Pauls. Lack of investment in area. Persevering in the face of adversity. Determination and drive to succeed. Intention to stay in UK for 5 years to get a profession before returning to Jamaica. Having a family. Becoming an elder in Bristol. Progress made against racism since being young. Training as a psychiatic nurse. Necessity of not running away from problems/injustice. Determination to stay in nurse training to figh

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