43605/3/8 (Interview with Mrs E Davies)

Interview with Mrs E. Davis from the Easton Heritage Archive Oral Histories.

Oral history interview with Mrs E. Davies. Topics discussed in this interview include: Parents living in same house in Easton since before WWI. Earliest memories of Easton, playing in the street with no traffic. Going home when the lamplighter lit the streetlights. Playing hopscotch, rounders, cricket, whipping tops, skipping in the street. Going to Easton Council School (now Bannerman Road School). Learning sewing, knitting and cookery at school. Discipline at school. Events for children run by local community churches - Salvation Army, Tin Mission, Owen Street Mission, Band of Hope. Coronation street party. Going on outings with neighbours on the street. Working in: munitions factory during WWII; the goods department of the railways after the war; Feathery Flake flour in Portland Square; South West Gas in Eastville. Variety of small shops on Easton Road. Shops disappearing when motorway was built. Getting the LMS train on the Magotsfield and Bath branch line. Getting the train to Weston. Listening to the wireless. Father working at refuse collection at Eastville. Husband working as a printer. Darning clothes. Going to chapel and Sunday school. Eating bread and dripping for evening meal.

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