43605/3/6/2 (Interview with David Davis)

School children from St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary School, Easton interview David Davis. Topics discussed in this interview include: Being in the Air Force for four years as a pilot. Parent's grocery shop at 36 Chaplin Road, then at 52 Woodborough Street. Moving to Bristol from Wales in 1926 at age 2. Being on duty watching for fires during the Blitz at Kensington Baptist Church on Stapleton Rd. Putting out a fire from an incendiary bomb landing on the church. Air raids in Bristol. Huge fires in city centre. Seeing a dogfight in the sky above Bristol, several planes being shot down. Younger sister being evacuated to Cornwall. Punishment at school - cane on the hand. Flicking blotting paper on to the ceiling in class. Father buying an Austin car in 1931. Bakers on Chaplin Road and Heron Road delivering bread. Helping in parent's shop after the school day. Two uncles owning shops, father buying stock in bulk for all three shops to get a better price. Working in the Home Guard HQ for a year after finishing

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