43605/3/4/2 (Interview with Barbara Dettering)

School children from St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary School, Easton interview Barbara Dettering. Topics discussed in this interview include: Arriving in England on 17 April 1961. Born 1 June 1939. Family. Early jobs - sewing in a factory, dishwashing in restaurants. Residential social worker for 15 years. Changes to Stapleton Road, fewer shops. Open back buses. Running to jump on the moving bus. Born in British Guiana [now Guyana]. Food. St Pauls Carnival. Bristol West Indian Parents and Friends Association. Living in a council house in Bedminster. Buying a house in Easton. Availability of West Indian products in shops. Black community in Easton - socialising together in each other's houses instead of going out when clubs refused entry to black people. Early life, housing in Georgetown, Guyana. Victorian terraces in Easton. Feeling at home in Easton among own community. Schools in Bristol and Guyana.

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