43605/3/7/1 (Interview with Abdul Ismad)

Oral history interview with Abdul Ismad. Topics discussed in this interview include: Interviewee's father coming to Bristol in 1972 after being exiled from Uganda by Idi Amin. Father obtaining a shop in Easton from a friend for around ý12 per month in rent. Father starting Bristol's first Indian takeaway. Joining the business with three brothers to help out as father aged. Establishing several businesses in Bristol, including Sweet Mart. Becoming chairman of Easton Traders for 10 years. Contributing to improvement of St Mark's Road. Multiculturalism and social cohesion of area. Father being recognised by City Council for contribution to Easton. Doing community work with Sweet Mart. Running a successful family business. Changes in Easton due to nearby developments such as Broadmead. Sense of community in Easton. Differences between life in Uganda and England. Difficulty of adjusting to weather, long working hours, food. Unloading tonnes of stock from lorries by hand. Growth of business making work easier. St

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