Small notebook. Handwritten notes inside are believed to have been written by Ivy Heppell, and are believed to relate to suffragette activity.
p1: 'Car to Lawrence Hill Station, ask for Russelll Town Ave/ Mrs Wagland 32 Bishop Str. 1/8= / Arberry. 32" " 2/-/ Stone 35 " " 7 = (tick)/ Witch x car to shepherds./ 3 Cobden St. 1/3 1/2 / Saunders/ 5 Zion Rd/ 1/4/ Crocker (2 Weeks)/ 22 Clarence Place 1/1/ Hute. "Draper" 25/ Church St. 2/5'.
p2: 'Mrs Bees, 8 Clarence St. d b/ last house on left/ next/ Mrs Heeley. 17 Regent [St crossed out] 2/ (tick)/ Lavender./ 13 Kenilworth Terrace. 2/6. Ask for New Road./ McHugh 3 Eugene St, St Judes 4/2 (tick).' The rest of the notebook is written in coded shorthand. It mentions a stockmanager in the initial pages and church/worship in the 2nd part.

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