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The Effigies of the late Charitable Edward Colston (print)

a black and white print on a folded sheet of laid paper, showing: a full-length portrait of a standing Edward Colston (Bristol 1636-1721 Mortlake) with, to his left, an image of the Alms House on St Michael's Hill (built 1691), and, to his right, the Hospital off St Augustine's Back,built in C16th as the Great House and later known the Colston's School; there are a number of Colston schoolboys dressed in their long (blue) coats and (white) breeches, standing on a black and white chequered floor; below, there is a lengthy "List of his Publick Charities"; this print was sold theough Ben Rome, a printseller based in St Mary-Port Street (St Mary-le-Port Street) during the 1720-30s, and this print may therefore date to shortly after Colston's death in 1721

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