43605/3/1/2 (Interview with Edna Portingale)

School children from St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary School, Easton interview Edna Portingale. Topics discussed in this interview include: Leisure activities as a child. Easton in the 1930s. Playing in the street (skipping, marbles, hopscotch, queenie ball, creep mouse, swinging on the lampposts, cigarette cards, hide and seek). Horse and carts. Knowing the neighbours. Being born in Perry Street. Turners Fruit Shop. Week's Ironmongers. Newfoundland Road School. Working in a cafe in Baldwin Street. Churches in the neighbourhood. Stapleton Road Congregational Church Sunday school. Father being out of work for 10 years. Mother doing paid laundry work. Border Guard Unions. Food. Most people being poor. Having scarlet fever. Getting married in 1942. Husband working in Thistle Street Engineers. Children and grandchildren. Doing church activities in the evening as a child. Christian Endeavour. Band of Hope. Learning the piano. Non-flush toilets. ¶Continued in 43605/3/2/1

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