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Photograph on card. A group of 13 people (3 men, 10 women) are sitting outside the back of Blaise Castle House, with the covered walkway between the house and orangery in the background.
The seated lady in black with flowers on her lap is Mrs Mary Harford. The family group was gathered for her 80th birthday. June 11th 1909.
Seated second from left on the top row, is Mary's daughter Contance Baird (nee Harford). The man standing at the back with the straw boater hat is John Charles Harford, a son of Mary. One lady holds a dog, and another (Alice Harford) holds a cat.
Other people in the photo are Eleanor Nicholl, Jaim Baird, Dorothy Gwynne, Frederic Dundas Harford (son of Mary), Gladys Gwynne, Mary Gwynne, Agnes Harford (daughter of Mary), Jean Raikes, and Charlotte Louisa Harford (another daughter).

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