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shirt (Clothing)

Open-sided shirt with inset sleeves. Neckband with red wool strand with triangular blue and red wool lappets below decorated with black and white seed beads and thong fringes. Along each arm an applied skin band, worked with quill overlay - pink and blue beads and fringed on rear edge with cut thongs, strips of ermine and human hair tassels. Two more applied quill bands over shoulders down chest and back, also paired design in pink, blue and orange on yellow ground with fringing at shoulder. An applied skin disc worked with quill overlay - orange and blue on yellow, on centre front and back with thongs supporting tassels of ermine and human hair. On back to left of disc is attached a scalp lock of black human hair, partly plaited. Black and white headband at each wrist, cut thong edging around the shirt.

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