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sewing kit

Wooden workbox. Green lining. Contains thread and sewing equipment.

Lady's mahogany fitted work box inlaid with mother of pearl. Lined with green silk. Top compartments contains reels of cotton and scissors. Bottom compartment contains a number of items, (7 cards with coloured silks, tape measure, 5 beaded bracelets, 3 needle books, mother of pearl card case, match box, tartan, ivory thimble in small tortoiseshell box, 2 spools. 10 miniature pictures in envelope - 'The Mumbles', small panted paper doily, wooden stamp bow with pen nibs) wooden box with frags, commemorative medal 'marriage of Prince of Wales to Princess Alex 1863', pattern book, miniature wooden doll, small leather and velvet purse, shuttle and lace, 2 propelling pencil, ivory pin cushion, wax thread holder, tape measure and pounce holder)

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