Caryatid II (watercolour)

Watercolour of caryatid II, outer chamber, Upper Temple of the Jaguars (Temple A), Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Stone figure with upraised arms, to hold up tabletop, with 3 views: back, front and side.
Back: cloak of yellow feathers in three tiers, with 2 to 5 curved green feathers in each tier and neck edge of short red feathers
Front: jade armlets, ear spools, nose stud and necklace with jaguar pendant. headdress of jade mosaic with red and yellow feathers. Pink triangular loincloth and leg bands, with white strap sandals.
side: flat sandals with white heel piece, side view shows jewellery, clothing and feather cloak

Transparent and opaque watercolour and graphite on medium cream wove paper

See note on index card 11072.

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